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Sep 30, 2012 11:35pm EDT
me. >> the president and romney will hunker down over the next few days as they huddled with senior advisers to prepare for the showdown in denver. in recent days, campaigns have been bending over backward to complement their opponents and downplay expectations. new jersey governor chris christie said a high bar for romney. >> this is the first moment when the american people can see these two guys by side, letting out their visions unfiltered. i think that will be a powerful moment for mitt romney. >> obama senior advisers said they are preparing. >> they have been practicing for months. i am sure they will have a lot of clever lines, but that is not the american people are looking for. >> abc news political analyst matt dowd says advisors are emphasizing style over substance. >> debates that have changed people's lives have been about physical debates and -- physical characteristics and mannerisms, not substance. >> both have challenges. the president needs to keep his answers short to avoid sounding like the professor he was before entering the white house. romney has to connect
Oct 7, 2012 11:35pm EDT
to be a cold start to our monday. look at this. down in the 30's. in those suburbs. gaithersburg 37 tomorrow. winchester, about 37 as well. romney, 35. cumberland tomorrow morning, closer to 34 degrees. so a chilly start to our day. the coldest air since april. the coldest air in six months here in washington. 43 i thinkwithin the beltway. and in the district. so tomorrow afternoon, temperature wise not all that different from what we had today. in the low to mid 50's for high temperatures. mostly cloudy. the rain tomorrow is going to be very light. and widely separated. and confined mainly to the second half of the day. in the afternoon and evening hours. a little bit closer to 60 by tuesday with some sunshine at that point. nats come back to town on wednesday. good day for baseball. 71. and closer to the average high temperature. for the most part, this week will be running unseasonably cool. >> all right. >> g >> an unusual link between post partum depression and breast cancer. natasha barrett a look at the findings and why mothers shouldn't panic. >> ok. >> a young wife to 4-yea
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2